Raise Money for SBADC through PayPal and eBay

PayPal Giving: Do you want an easy way to give to Caring?  You can now donate through PayPal on our “Effortless Fundraising” page here

eBay: South Brent & District Caring now has the ability to receive funds through eBay.  This can be done in three ways:

If you are already an eBay user, then you can nominate SBADC as your favourite charity, then every time you sell something you can choose to donate a portion of your received money automatically.  This can be from 5% to 100% and you choose that when you set up the sell page.  To choose us as one of your favourite charities log on to your eBay account then click this link – Choose SBADC as a favourite

If you are not an eBay user, but you would like to give us something to sell for the charity, we can sell it for you and pass the received money to SBADC.

If you would like to sell something on eBay, but you don’t have an account or you just can’t manage the hassle then, as long as you are willing to at least split the receipts 50:50 with the charity, we will sell it on your behalf and do everything (designing the advert, photographing it, dealing with bids and the winner and despatching it to the purchaser – or arranging pick up if too big to post.