SBADC COVID ongoing precautions

The Old School

The Trustees of the Community Centre have decided that on and after the 19th April 2021 we will continue with our COVID regime of cleaning, restricting capacity, social distancing and mask wearing to keep the Centre as safe from COVID as possible. We understand that we cannot insist you wear a mask and socially distance but we would very much appreciate you doing so while in public areas of the Centre to minimise the risk to you and others of a COVID outbreak occurring. Thank you !

May be an image of text that says '中 SOUTH BRENT OLD SCHOOL COMMUNITY CENTRE COVID-19 is not over because restrictions have eased. Το keep everyone safe please continue to: Sanitise your hand Wear a mask in public areas of the Centre Keep your distance Use Test and Trace Thank you.'

Transport Volunteers

Although Government restrictions have lifted, we need to make sure that we keep ourselves and the clients as safe as possible.

  • We will continue to ask COVID screening questions before journeys.
  • We would encourage both passengers and drivers to keep wearing facemasks in the car.
  • Keep the windows open where possible.
  • Keep cleaning the vehicles – disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser.
  • Distanced seating if possible.
  • Stay vigilant and beware of colds or people feeling unwell.
  • Lateral flow tests can be taken and are freely available ( we have some in the office)

I know that helping with transport can be time consuming and can involve being stuck waiting outside a hospital for some time, but it is so appreciated by the clients and is one less thing for them to worry about.