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NEW: Register As Isolating 

As the lock down gradually eases, with the first main relaxation 1 June, we will be focusing our support and assistance efforts on those who will continue to isolate, through shielding or symptoms, and those who will in future be required to isolate, through symptoms or contact tracing.  If you are isolating

Isolating? Starting Isolation? Ending Isolation? Click Here 


Need Help? ↓ 

If you need help with:

 Friendly Chat & Check-in
 Dog Walking

…and your neighbours CAN’T help you, contact South Brent and District Caring:

Request advice, a chat or dog assistance     call      01364 700282 

(Please leave a message and we will call you)

If you are isolating, and registered with us and need help with Prescriptions, Shopping Assistance or Food Support, click the button below (also contains other information on the Post Office, and local business supporting remote home order & delivery)

Prescriptions, Shopping Assistance and Food Support


Well-Being & Mental Health Support 

Upset? … Fed-Up?… Anxious?… If you are having difficulties facing issues brought about by the current crisis, a group of professional listeners is offering time to chat.  For more details about this service for residents in the South Brent & District Caring area, click on the button below
(please only use this line for well-being & mental health support):

Well-Being & Mental Health Support 

Computers for Schoolwork, Connection and Community Benefit 

Are  you short of a computer for children’s schoolwork? Isolated and unable to connect? Call us and leave a message explaining why and we will try to loan you a suitable donated & repurposed computer.             

 01364 700282

 Transport Options

While we cannot yet restart our volunteer transport, we are aware of the increased need for hospital transport now that local hospitals are slowly restarting delayed medical procedures. If you are a normal user of our transport service and you have an important hospital appointment please click the title above to see some transport options.


Give Help! ↓ 

1. Help your neighbour

First think of how you can support those affected and self-isolating. If you are healthy and safe to do so, download, print and distribute our “Dear Neighbour” note:

View & Download

2. Give Money:  PayPal – BACS – Cash

While we, through fantastic support, reached our initial funding target for community food and support on 21 May, and the need is currently less urgent, we continue to welcome any donations as the COVID19 future remains uncertain.                       (see Dr James Hill, our chair of Trustees’ message at the donate link)


3. Volunteer

We need volunteers for lots of different roles, including some that can be performed from home. If you can help, please complete out the volunteer form, which links to an agreement form with some useful safety and security dos and don’ts:

Volunteer Form   (If you have volunteered and haven’t filled the agreement, please click here to do so)

4. Food – Update

We are very appreciative of all the donations for the Food Bank, both actual contributions and financial.  We are in the very fortunate situation that we have plenty of food in stock and money allocated specifically for the Food Bank, so no more donations are currently required by our Food Bank, either of your own food or received in Government boxes.  Our food parcels are much appreciated by the recipients. Thank you to everyone for all your support.

5. Donate an old computer, or peripherals or get your old laptop rejuvenated

Donate computers and peripherals for schoolwork, connection and community benefit.  Help us to help village kids behind on schoolwork, or the isolated become less isolated because of a lack of IT in the home.   Or, if you have an old computer you want to rejuvenate for your own use, or need data salvage, let us know and (for a small donation) we may be able to help. 
Click the button below for more details and to let us know.

Donate Computers and Peripherals 


Stay Updated ↓ 


For all of the latest community assist ideas and activities, look at the dedicated Facebook page:
South Brent Assist Facebook

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NHS Safety Advice

Read the latest health advice and information:

Local Council Links

For the latest updates on local issues, especially help available (particularly from District and County) including recycling centres, notices of council services, council meetings etc 

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How We Have Organised for this Crisis

If you would like more information on how we have organised our community for this crisis, including copies of our processes and supporting structures, please click on this link

Supporting the Community in COVID Lock Down:  South Brent Case Study

About South Brent and District Caring

If you or a loved one is in need of support, our volunteers are here to help those living in South Brent and the surrounding communities of Avonwick, North Huish, Diptford and Rattery. We offer befriending and other services including prescription collection, transport, help with forms and administration, assistance with shopping and gardening.

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