Free Up for Lock Down & Beyond

Have you an old MAC, PC, or laptop in your loft or gathering dust in a room, with an out of date windows or Mac OS on it?  Or a USB Keyboard or Mouse, or a monitor (VGA or newer)?

If you no longer need it (or maybe just forgot about it until now!) the computer can be re-purposed, loaded with a LINUX OS and loaned to a local family without any, or insufficient, IT for their kids to do schoolwork during lock down, or help an isolated person connect to friends and family.  The peripherals can help us build a system from donations.  If demand is less than supply and after COVID has passed, SBADC will continue to use your kind donation for community benefit where it can best be found.  We may give the computers where that is the best way to satisfy the need in the SBADC area (South Brent, North Huish, Avonwick, Diptford & Rattery)

Anything bought within the last 12 years could be be usefully repurposed … minimum processor is a Pentium 4 for PC and any intel processor for Macs.  Ideally 2Gb or more of RAM but light installations can sometimes be done on just 1Gb of RAM.  To give non-frustrating performance a good minimum is a 64bit 1Ghz plus CPU with 2Gb RAM and most PCs and laptops sold since 2008 shipped with that or better.

Data can be recovered from the computer before we erase and refresh the drive for LINUX if you need.

If you have such a compute which you want to keep, or one which has data on it you want to try to recover, we can also do the same LINUX refresh and / or data recovery for you, for a suitable donation (depending on how much work is needed) to South Brent & District Caring.  Let us know.


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This is the first re-purposed system (six years old).
We also have another Tower PC (15 years old) already re-purposed, but without the peripherals (Monitor, keyboard, mouse)