SBADC COVID-19 Isolating Register

As our volunteer base decreases as people slowly go back to work and other priorities take over, we are focusing our support on those who are having to continue to isolate or shield themselves, and also those who will in the future have to isolate. 

These new isolators will be as a result either of showing COVID-19 symptoms themselves, or a household member begins to show them, or they have been told to isolate through being marked as in contact with someone reporting symptoms.

We will also find it really useful to understand how the numbers may rise and fall as restrictions reduce and contact tracing and isolation, rather than lock down, becomes the main method to control COVID spread.

Please ensure you have read and are familiar with:

National Guidance and Instructions on when and how you MUST self-isolate. 

For whatever reason you are isolating, we need to know your details so we can support you and make the best use of our now slowly diminishing volunteer pool

We will do that through a simple online form (the link is in the red box below). 

You can fill it in yourself, or for another person (a neighbour, family member in a different household, friend etc) or if neither of those methods works for you then simply phone the SBADC Office line and leave a message with the following details:

Your name,

phone number,


why you are isolating (shielding, symptoms, contact trace)

when you started isolating, or when you ended isolation

Click to to register as isolating, or to report the end of a registered isolation.  Isolation Registration Form 

If we experience a major drop in volunteers as people go back to work we may have to restrict volunteer shopping assistance to those registered as isolating