COVID 19 Donation Choices

SBADC COVID-19 Funding Update – 21 May

 At the start of the COVID crisis we set an ambitious budget to cover all foreseeable expenditure across a range of support we planned to offer – and which support you now see on our website and throughout the village and surrounding parishes, much of it delivered through the efforts of over 150 local volunteers.  

This week, with fantastic support from village donations, local grants and some national grant funding, we reached that budget at just under £28,000.  We think the response has been nothing short of amazing.   

So far the calls on our funds have been less than we anticipated but the future is uncertain and unpredictable.  

We cannot be overconfident as it is possible there will be further COVID19 related issues over the next few months, including the possibility of resumptions of lock down after easing.  Additionally, as a charity, SBADC is always needing to raise funds for its long term work and we do not yet know the longer term implications for our work and the related need in the area as a result of COVID19. 

Therefore we will never turn down donations, and all channels for donation will remain open.

 We felt that it was appropriate to let you all know of the wonderful support which had allowed us to raise our target sum in less than two months in order that you can make your own decisions about donations into the future.  Should circumstances change and our need once more increase, we will be sure to make that clear to all.

Thank you. 

James Hill, Chair of Trustees


Please donate via our secure PayPal link. There are NO FEES but you will need a PayPal account, or you can open one as part of the donation. Please ensure you select to add Gift Aid to the donation.

PayPalPayPal Donate

Please tick the box giving us your details so we can thank you. You can tell us if you want your donation to go specifically to the food budget by separately emailing with your name and donation amount.  The general budget not only supports all of our COVID activities (including hardship, extra admin costs – printing the leaflets etc) but remains available for transfer to the Food Bank if the need demands.

BACS – Bank Transfer

If you are more comfortable with a bank transfer (BACS) please email us at this link: or type in the address (putting BACS DETAILS in the title of your email). 

We will send you the bank details and a Gift Aid form electronically.


Alternatively, cash donations (notes ONLY) can be posted through the letter box to John Gower at Lostiford on Hillside (opposite the Willows, the house with chevrons on a blue background high on the wall).

Please write your name on the envelope and whether it’s for food or general costs. The donation will then be paid electronically into PayPal for you.


If you would like to see the proportion of the sources of our donations click here